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Our milk production started on 1 January 2016. We produce two types of milk. The natural “Frësch Bio-Mëllech” with at least 3,8% fat and the semi-skimmed milk with 1,5% fat. In addition, we produce chocolate milk and cream as well as various varieties of yoghurt and ice cream.

Whatever we do, we put great emphasis on gentle processing methods that preserve the natural characteristics of all organic raw materials we use.

Milk – a living natural product

When processing organic raw milk, BIOG dairy focuses on preserving its natural qualities. For this reason, BIOG milk is produced traditionally, i.e. centrifuged, pasteurised and homogenised.

Pasteurisation is the primary method of preserving both whole and semi-skimmed milk. In order to preserve the bioactivity of its ingredients and in contrast to what has been the trend for some time now, BIOG milk is neither microfiltered nor heated to a high temperature. Only possible spores contained in the raw milk are ejected through a bactofuge in a purely mechanical separation process. Thanks to this gentle treatment, the fresh BIOG milk remains a living product with valuable microorganisms, vitamins and minerals.

The fat content of the whole milk and whole milk products is not adjusted mechanically, but corresponds to the natural fat content of the raw milk. This is at least 3,8%, but may fluctuate slightly depending on the season and the cows diet.

The “Frësch Bio-Mëllech” with at least 3,8% fat content is produced both for the BIOG brand as well as for the house brand of the Luxemburgish retailer Cactus. The semi-skimmed milk with a fat content of 1,5% is marketed exclusively under the BIOG brand.

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BIOG yoghurts: natural and delicious

The main ingredient of our BIOG yoghurt is pasteurised and homogenised BIOG whole milk which is heated to about 43 degrees Celsius and inoculated with specific yoghurt cultures. During a fermentation period of four to six hours, the added lactic acid bacteria multiply, the milk curdles and thickens, and a sour, fresh and easily digestible organic yoghurt is created.

The yoghurt is then mixed with the corresponding fruit preparation or filled as natural yoghurt. No matter if strawberry, elderflower or vanilla, we only use real fruits and real vanilla to flavour our yoghurts and no artificial or so-called “natural” aromas obtained from substances unrelated to our recipes’ traditional ingredients. The strawberry yoghurt for instance, unlike many other conventional yoghurts, contains real strawberries and some drops of beetroot/elderberry juice to add some colour. Just like imitation fruit and “natural” aromas/flavours, mixtures of different types of sugar that lead to consumers’ confusion are strictly taboo. All this is what makes our products truly authentic and natural – a difference you can actually taste!

In 150g cups our yoghurts are a perfect small serving for breakfast but also great as a dessert or snack between meals. A large 400g cup is available, too.

For environmental reasons, the BIOG yoghurt comes with a removable cardboard jacket, which is – just like the cup itself – recyclable.