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For the Luxemburgish dairy farmers the BIOG dairy is a reliable partner that manages the sometimes quite complex production and commercialisation processes.

The BIOG cooperative commissions an external specialised company to collect all milk from the dairy farms and then resells it to the BIOG dairy S.à.r.l. Any milk that the dairy does not need is exported on BIOG’s behalf. The BIOG diary tries everything possible to buy the raw milk at a price that is appropriate in view of the extra mile that its farmers go in order to produce organically and locally.

All BIOG dairy farmers work in harmony with nature as they personally take care of their animals and provide a natural habitat suitable to their animals’ needs with easy access to grazing and green fodder.

Thus, the partnership around the BIOG dairy includes all parties involved: humans and animals in harmony with nature.

  • 20190621_Dormans Reiff
  • 20190621_AndréSchmit
  • 20190621_Jacobs Theisen
  • 20190621_Kaes Wagener
  • 20190621_Schanck Haff
  • 20190621_Kass Haff
  • 20190621_Marco Koeune
  • 20190621_Pierre Witry
  • 20190621_Roland Scharll
  • 20190621_Van Dyck
  • 20190621_Alex Mehlen
  • Fam. Dormans-Reiff (Fischbach)
  • Marianne & André Schmit (Dudelange)
  • Fam. Jacobs-Theisen (Kalborn)
  • Fam. Kaes-Wagener (Hoscheid-Dickt)
  • Fam. Schanck (Hupperdange)
  • Kass-Haff s.à r.l. (Rollingen/Mersch)
  • Marco Koeune (Harlange)
  • Fam. Witry (Dippach)
  • Roland Scharll (Lellingen)
  • Fam. Van Dyck (Leudelange)
  • Fam. Mehlen (Manternach)

One dairy farmer – one blue BIOG cow

In March 2018, the Luxemburgish dairy farmers called attention to the market's falling milk prices for the first time by launching their initiative "Blo Kou" (blue cow). The low milk prices are related to the access quantities of Luxemburgish milk which, in turn, result from an insufficient domestic demand and increasingly difficult export sales to neighbouring countries.

Since 2018 the eleven dairy farmers and their cows have been travelling through the country and stopped at several NATURATA shops as well as at other supermarktes, food fairs and markets. In so doing they want to make visitors aware of where our milk comes from, how it is processed and what makes it so unique.

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