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About us

With the BIOG dairy the dream of a well-equipped organic diary came true for the cooperative of Luxemburgish organic farmers (Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg = BIOG). At the dairy we process up to three million litres of organic milk every year and transform it into high-quality dairy products.

Organic, fair and associative

We founded the BIOG diary S.àr.l. in summer 2015 after the previous venture with Luxlait could no longer be maintained due to the big price difference between conventional and organic milk. To enable further investments, OIKOPOLIS Participations SA acquired 200 shares at EUR 1000 in the newly founded dairy. The ten organic dairy farmers of the BIOG cooperative each subscribed to one share. The shareholders’ investment has since doubled and another dairy farmer has joined the cooperative. Today, the BIOG dairy is 96,57 % owned by the OIKOPOLIS Group, which in turn has its origins in the BIOG cooperative.

The BIOG dairy provides a technical and social platform to enlarge and further develop the range of regionally produced and transformed dairy products. Both the dairy farmers as well as the BIOG dairy itself are certified by the “Vereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl” and carry the logo “Bio-Lëtzebuerg” in addition to the European organic logo.

The milk comes exclusively from organic dairy farms in Luxembourg that are committed to shape the future of organic farming together as members of the BIOG cooperative. Alongside the respect for animals and nature, social considerations play an important role for us. We attach great importance to fair prices because we value the work of each and every one and we strive for fair and comprehensive forms of cooperation that include all actors along the whole value chain of our products: from dairy farmers, producers, retailers, wholesalers to consumers.

Active exchange between the participants of the value chain is a trademark of BIOG production. Especially with a product as sensitive as milk, constant coordination is essential. The fair&associative logo gives our products the credit for precisely this fair cooperation between all the players involved in the value chain.

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Regional products

The BIOG dairy allows an increasing proportion of the organic milk produced in Luxemburg to be processed and marketed locally. Hence, with every new milk product entering the Luxembourgish market, the BIOG dairy fulfils its purpose: the production of regional organic milk products at the fairest possible prices for all participants along the value chain.