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„Pouring Art" from Poosiak in the NATURATA Bio Resto

Until mid October, a changing exhibition portrays the colorful and shapeful pieces of art of the Luxemburgish artist Kai Poos alias POOSIAK in the NATURATA Bio-Restaurant & Café in Munsbach.

Our Picture shows the artist together with Vivianne Schanck, who curated the exhibition in the NATURATA Bio Resto&Café. A selection of his art is demonstrated in the gallery below.

In principle, POOSIAK only puts on the canvas what "really comes from within me", this means not excluding different art styles. As a friend of strong contrasts, he creates a fusion of alleged opposites, combines organics and geometry, coincidence and strong direction, tradition and innovation etc.

  • 201907 Expo Poosiak Vue Salle
  • 201907 Expo Poosiak Gal2
  • 201907 Expo Poosiak Gal2a
  • 201907 Expo Poosiak Gal4
  • 201907 Expo Poosiak Gal5
  • 201907 Expo Poosiak Gal6

Moreover, he uses an experimental technique, a bunsen burner, which increases the wanted blistering at the time of painting the Color. Thanks to this pouring art, the painting receives stricing structures but remains smooth as glass.

Until 15th of October in the NATURATA Bio Resto & Café Munsbach

Mo. - Fr: 08:30 - 18:30
Sa: 08:30 - 17:30